Radio Play & Site Update

The Music page has been much improved with more detailed release notes provided by Leon Schneider along with the addition of the Area 51 EP to the discography.
Phil Crowder has kindly given that very same track an airing on his excellent End Of Week show, 15 September 2019 edition. Click here to have a listen.




Sheppey FM Electronic Music Special

Big thanks again to long-time Night Operations supporter Phil Crowder for featuring the sublime Razor Apple mix of Forbidden Fruit on his latest show – an electronic music special of his end of week show on Sheppey FM.
You can listen to all 4 hours of it (!) by clicking here.


Quick Update

Just a quick update to say I am still alive and the Night Operations project lives on. I have been busy working on a new album, the good news is that it should not be too long before you finally get to hear some new music. The album will be titled Protocol and looks like will feature at least 10 new tracks. It is not confirmed yet but it will most likely be released on German Shepherd Records like the previous releases. Watch this space for further information.

Night Operations Podcasts

At the end of July, the first Night Operations podcast went live on Mixcloud. The reception was better than expected given the minimal promotion, and there have been several podcasts since. The podcasts generally run for around an hour and give an insight into the sort of music I listen to when I’m not writing or recording my own.

You can check out the latest podcast from 9 September 2018 (and all the others) by clicking here.

If you have a Mixcloud account be sure to subscribe where you will be immediately notified of any further podcasts and can favourite them for future listening.