Second Album Update

It is confirmed that the second Night Operations album will be released at some point in 2018 (date to be confirmed) through German Shepherd.

The new album, will be the follow-up from the 2016 debut MANTRA, and feature 12-tracks (tracklisting to be announced shortly).

Some cover art has also been designed by Bryn Thorburn, of The Screaming Love Collective which will also be revealed soon… along with the title of the album.

Watch this space for further updates!



New Year Message

A belated happy new year to you all!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas – after what seems to be a quiet 2017 on the music front, I have actually been very busy completing the follow up to “Mantra”, which I am pleased to say is now finished – so expect some more info regarding the 2nd album soon…

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‘When Night Fell’ Radio Premiere

The new recording ‘When Night Fell’ will air on tonight’s Monty Show from 9pm on Salford City radio. You can listen online at or via the Tune-In radio app or if you happen to be in the Salford vacinity, tune you radio into 94.4 FM.

The recording has not yet been released or broadcast – so it will be the first public airing of the track, which will be released on the German Shepherds charity album “200” this Friday 11th August.


New recording to appear on German Shepherd charity release

A new Night Operations track, titled “When Night Fell” is appearing on a special charity release from German Shepherd, marking its 200th release.

Simply titled “200”, the release will feature 17 tracks from artists and bands on the German Shepherd roster. All proceeds from the album will be donated to the homelessness charity Coffee4Craig.

The album will be released on 11 August via Bandcamp, iTunes and all major digital outlets.


MANTRA Hits iTunes & Spotify

MANTRA was released for iTunes & Spotify on 3 February, meaning people who do not wish to purchase the album from the Bandcamp website can now download it from the Apple iTunes store for £6.99, or stream it on Spotify – meaning you can truly “try before you buy” and stream the full album on Spotify before purchasing it. You can also hear clips of each of the tracks on iTunes – just search for “Night Operations” in the search box and the Mantra album should come up. You will need to click on the “MANTRA” album icon for the tracks to be presented in the correct running order.