Hear some exclusive PROTOCOL music…

DJ’s have been sent advance copies of the new album and several have given tracks from the new album an exclusive airing. So, why wait until the 25th? Listen to the newest Night Operations music now…

Phil Crowder of Sheppey FM gave the first radio play of the new album, playing track INCOMMUNICADO.

You can hear the track via this link. You can hear the track approximately 2hr 5 mins into the show.

This week, Salford City Radio’s John Montague featured the PROTOCOL album on his Monty Show. You can hear exclusive airings of tracks DISCONNECTED and NO ESCAPE by listening here.

The track ELECTRIC SKY has been played over on Drew Kenyon’s Modern Rock Mixtape in New York also, and PULL THE TRIGGER has been played down under on BANANA LOUNGE BROADCASTING. Listen here.

Be sure to continue to check this website for further updates on the new album and do not forget to follow Night Operations on Facebook and Twitter.


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