Pull The Trigger (Single)
8 May 2020

The first release in 18 months saw the release of new single and accompanying promo video, Pull The Trigger. The track has a dark, electronic somewhat industrial rhythm with grinding guitars and deals with issues surrounding radicalisation and extremism. The track will appear on upcoming album Protocol due for release on 25 September 2020.


Area 51 (EP)
19 October 2018

The Area 51 EP was released containing single edit and full album versions of the track Area 51, the full version appearing on the Advantage album. Aside from the two versions of the title track, there are three remixes of the previous promo-only single Forbidden Fruit – from German Shepherd label-mates The Screaming Love Collective, Issac Navaro and Auster Boys. The EP is available on all digital/streaming outlets and the German Shepherd Records Bandcamp Page.
1. Area 51 – Radio Edit (4:27)
2. Forbidden Fruit – SLC Remix (3:22)
3. Forbidden Fruit – Razor Apple Remix (9:16)
4. Forbidden Fruit – Hacienda 2am Mix (7:54)
5. Area 51 – Album version (7:06)

There was no physical pressing of the EP.


Advantage (album)
16 February 2018

Advantage is the second album from Night Operations and is the follow up to Mantra released in 2016. The album is a more balanced mixture of guitar-driven songs and synth based tracks than its predecessor, despite the synth-heavy promo-only single Forbidden Fruit which dropped in January 2018. The single received widespread promotion and radio airplay and spawned several remixes which appeared on the later Area 51 EP.

Available on all digital/streaming outlets, limited edition CD and Bandcamp.
1. Advantage (5:22) +
2. Forbidden Fruit (6:11) +
3. Era (4:28) +
4. Stargazed (4:50) *
5. Back at Square One (3:56) +
6. Ornaments (4:19) +
7. Interlude (2:26) ~
8. Fortune (4:20) +
9. The Forest (4:48) +
10.Area 51 (7:06) +
11.Speed Of Light (4:15) ++
12.Jupiter (6:29) +

Additional Notes
+ Recorded at The Zone (Runcorn) during 2017.
* Recorded between June 2014 and December 2017 at The Zone (Ellesmere Port) & The Zone (Runcorn).
~ Recorded 2016 at The Zone (Runcorn).
++ Recorded between January 2014 and December 2017 and The Zone (Ellesmere Port) & The Zone (Runcorn).

The title track contains read indecipherable excerpts from the following texts with no copyright infringement intended:
Computer Art & Graphics: How To Program With Personal Computers – Axel Brück, 1984
Forward Not Back: The 2005 Labour Party Manifesto – 2005.
Profit Over People: Neoliberalism and the Global Order –
Naom Chomsky, 1998.

Jupiter features samples taken from “The Spooky Sound Of Jupiter’s Auroras” from YouTube channel Public Domain TV, originally recorded by the Juno spacecraft, 27 August 2016.

Lyrics, music, mixing by Michael Powell.
Recorded 2014 – 2018 by Michael Powell.
Mastered in January 2018 by Michael Powell.
Sleeve notes by Leon Schneider.
Lyrics may be reproduced with kind permission.
Cover art by Bryn Thorburn.

Hardware: Apple iMac Core 2 Duo, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Instrumentation: Acorn Instruments Masterkey 49, Casio XWP-1, Fender Jaguar, Johnny Brook acoustic.
Software: Logic Pro X, Waves, Audacity, iTunes.


Mantra (album)
21 October 2016

Despite releasing music and performing under the Night Operations name as far back as 2011, the first full length album Mantra did not surface until much later, with an intial Bandcamp-only release via German Shepherd Records in October 2016 and a widespread streaming/digital download release alongside a limited edition CD release in March 2017.
The album is very electronic in style, which would be stripped back on the follow-up album Advantage. The majority of the tracks feature multiple layers of synthesisers, drum machines, sequencers and loops with some guitar touches with the exception of perhaps Saturday Song which is a more conventional strumming rock song, and Shadows where Joy Division influences are prevalent. There are some instrumentals including the title track and lyrics dealing with some dark themes of saudade, sorrow and regret (Remember), resignation on track Square One and despair on Shadows which features the lyric “I think I’ve paid all my debts / because I have nothing left”.
The album has remained the most successful sales-wise, and enjoyed some positive feedback and a good review from Mick Middles (Sounds) where he stated “It is the case of Night Operations, right now, to marry everyday emotional observation to a musical sense of anxiety-fuelled hope.” The album also helped make several best of 2016 lists including Stephen Doyle’s Sonic Diary Best Of 2016 and The Monty Show Best Of 2016.

Stream or download here
Limited edition CD for sale here.

Lyrics, music, mixing by Michael Powell.
Recorded 2014 – 2018 by Michael Powell.
Mastered in January 2018 by Michael Powell.
Notes by Leon Schneider, September 2019.
Lyrics may be reproduced with kind permission.
Cover art by Leon Schneider. CD art by Scott Kellaway.


Remember (single)
16 September 2016

After releasing various tracks for charity releases and remixes, the first official single Remember was dropped in the late summer of 2016. It is layered in synthesisers, sequencers and the lyrics deal with sombre feelings of saudade, regret and sorrow of an old relationship. The single was released in truncated form while the full 8-minute version appears on the Mantra album. The single received a fair amount of radio play and promotion. A promotional video of the truncated was released at the time but later withdrawn. A revised edition featuring the full version some clips from the original video was uploaded to YouTube in 2019 which can be viewed here.

Stream or download the track here


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The Junta – Tech Noir – Night Operations Mix

No Way Of Knowing

The Junta – Agent Coulson – Night Operations Mix

KIT B – (It’s Gonna Be Alright) – Night Operations Mix

Driving Rain

Exchange – Sunday – Night Operations Mix